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Land Acquisition

We are looking to purchase land and derelict / old houses in Yorkshire.

Cash Offer

If you own a piece of land - big or small - and think it may have development potential, then we'd love to hear from you. The plot needn't be large, we specialise in bespoke homes so would consider land suitable for just one property. 

You may have a large garden that you want to sell part of or, your property may be on a corner plot that is suitable for subdivision. We will help you get the best price and make the sale as smooth as possible. We will quickly assess the value of your land and make a cash offer in a time frame that suits you.
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Using our years of experience with local planning authorities, we can assess the residential development potential of your land and, with an Option Agreement in place, look after the whole planning process for you.

We would also be interested in derelict or old houses. If you own or have been left a property that is dilapidated and has fallen into a poor state of repair we can offer you a straight cash purchase ensuring you achieve the best price in the shortest possible time.

Land Type

The types of land we are most interested in includes:

  • Infill plots of land between existing properties
  • Back garden/backland development
  • Derelict or old houses ready for demolition

But we are happy to consider any opportunities that may be suitable for development.  We have already helped dozens of people get the cash they need by buying their land or property hassle-free.

 If you have or are aware of land available for development, please get in touch.

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